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Facebook is very popular for social networking site. People can get in touch with their relative, friend as well as they can create their own group. Facebook has mission to connect the people, where people can share their technical stuff with each other's to make a difference. To achieve this mission they have to treat the people as their employee. It will help to understand their technical stuff, background, abilities and many other characteristics.

Facebook is working hard towards new technologies to create differences. They are continuously working with internal or external programs and partnership with many vendors. He is focussing in hiring process. The current representation of the employee is senior leadership is 3% Black, 3%, 27% woman and 3% Hispanic. Since last 12 month its gets increased to 9% is Black, 29% woman and 5% is Hispanic.

Every company wants to grow, for that they must have skilled people. Skilled people can share their experiences with each other's to grow for them as well as company perspective. Technology has created a new environment for people, where industry will depend on these people to grow. People have opportunity to gain knowledge through public education system.

The current survey says about US education system is that:

  • Only one teaching computer science out of 4
  • 10 Girls has took the exam in computer science
  • No girl has participated from 3 states
  • No black people took the exam from 9 states

As per result it was surprised that 50% of the high school graduates are black.

Facebook believes that everyone one in the country have opportunities to learn skill. Industry demands skill person. Facebook want to hire more people in upcoming days. Facebook already committed $15 million to code.org (A learning platform open for all aged group) for upcoming 5 years. Code.org will create a new of environment for technology where all aged group people can learn and share their experiences to others.

Facebook is promoting the diversity towards technology. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg already raised voice "Computer Science for All" while supporting President Obama. He believes that when people will start learning the code it will create product of the future.

Short Term: Building a Diverse Slate of Candidates and an Inclusive Working Environment

The aim of the diverse slate approach is to find out the talent from crowd. It will encourage to recruiters to look longer, harder as well smarter to find out best candidate.

Facebook is focusing on new technology trend available in the market. So they are trying to provide new tools to their employees. They are continuously conducting training to trained in new technology. They believe that biggest impact comes from the tool. It helps them to manage the diverse team, and make strong relationship with partners.

Facebook is trying to create an environment for their employees to build a new quality product. They are providing the training on managing unconscious bias. All level employees have joined the class session. They are learning from previous year feedback result from their employees. Now the site is open for all. The class has been designed in structured way so that all company can use the training. Facebook is also working hard towards HR system. They are trying to deliver and support a range of learning and development programs. It has included in lean in circle also.

Medium Term: Supporting Students with an Interest in Tech

Facebook has opened a University name Facebook University (FBU) established in 2013. Only 30 students were enrolled in computer science. Facebook is focusing more about technology by providing training session. In 2015, student's gest increased to 170. In 2016, summer they had started a new course in Analytics.

One year ago Facebook has launched Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) Lean in circle. This is partnership with LeanIn.org, and LinkedIn and the Anita Borg institute. They have aim to support for woman to take interest in computer science, also they will provide additional training till their graduation end. They will help to sharp their critical skill. Only 18% woman has degree in computer science In the US. They have 250 circles on university around the world. The program will helpful for student to expand via Lean Internship circle. They are engaged with 85 more companies and they had extended to New York City.

Long Term: Creating Opportunity and Access

Facebook is continuously working for better education student across the country. They know it's not an easy task to close the gap in short time. They had already committed $15 million for code.org for online training for all aged group. In the code.org there is TechPrep feature to test their knowledge. TechPrep will help to develop programming skill regardless current skill.

Highlighting Facebook's LGBTQ community

Facebook is trying to focus to create diversity, which comes in many forms. They want to highlight the LGBTQ community.

As per voluntary report- 61% responded, 7% self-identified and other being lesbian, gay, bisexual etc. in terms of sexual orientation.

Annual Diversity Data

Facebook has created a strong diversity in hiring process. They are continuously growing very fast. The percentage of woman gets reached to 27% from past 23% and black people in non-tech from 3% to 5%.

You can download equal employment opportunity (eeo) report for 2015 here


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