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Facebook has recently launched a trending section in the right side of the home page for any web users(currently not available for the mobile users). Trending was launched in 2014 to help people discover interesting and relevant conversations happening on Facebook based on their interests. Trending is a list of topics and hashtags that have recently become popular on Facebook. This list is personalized based on a number of factors, including Pages you've liked, timelines, your location and what's trending across Facebook. The trending in Facebook are grouped in 5 categories : All News, politics, Science and Technology, Sports and Entertainments.

Here's how these changes will work :

  1. In this version of the Trending module, topics are sorted in a simple list with a number indicating how many people are talking about them. Previously, each of those lines would have been accompanied by a short description written by a Facebook employee - and no numbers indicating how popular each topic is.

  2. To see the content of the topic, just hover over the topic and a small side window will be popuplated with small description of the topic. For any more information, click on the headings and it will redirect to the corresponding paage, articles and posts that appears in a search result.

  3. There are still people involved in this process to ensure that the topics that appear in Trending remain high-quality - for example, confirming that a topic is tied to a current news event in the real world. The topic #lunch is talked about during lunchtime every day around the world, but will not be a trending topic. These changes mean that we no longer need to do things like write topic descriptions and short story summaries since we're relying on an algorithm to pull excerpts directly from news stories.

Facebook Trending aggregates the headlines of the day, while Twitter Trending Topics check the pulse of the moment. With Trend on internet being something going at this moment, I think mostly user likes currect current avatar of facebook trending.


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