Facebook new tool to integrate social network data and TV broadcasters show

facebook tools
Now a days everyone want to be a part of facebook. People talk about politics, news, sports and many personal and private issue on social network like facebook.

Facebook gives lots of features to their followers, which everybody appreciates. Before few days facebook launched hashtag, embedded post, etc. It helps people to make a firm relationship with facebook.

Now facebook launched a new tools for surface conversation on facebook. This tool is generally used by TV broadcaster. Through this tool, TV broadcaster can show real facebook data during their show. For example if show is dealing with fashion and people is talking about fashion on facebook then broadcaster can show facebook data in his show.

Also, broadcaster can show number of facebook post which mention a particular word. They can also show for buzz and that particular show is famous among males or females. They can also show the age group in which this show is famous.

Currently facebook provide thes features to some media partners only. They are Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC's Today Show, BSkyB and Slate. Other media partners cannot start this features now. It will be released for them only after getting feedback from media partners who is using it.

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