AI blog roundup

On our new AI blog, we shed light on the Smart Camera that powers Portal, our video-calling device; share a new technique for safety-critical neural network applications; and discuss the future of deep learning hardware.

Yann LeCun on the future of deep learning
The future of AI and deep learning is closely tied to the hardware at our disposal. Facebook’s chief AI scientist discusses new architectural concepts — such as dynamic networks, associative-memory structures, and sparse activations — that will affect the type of hardware architecture that will be required in the future. Watch the video

Under the hood: Portal’s Smart Camera
In just two years, we used AI to build an intelligent camera system for Portal hardware from scratch. This blog post details the challenges we faced and unique techniques that we applied, from complex computer vision modeling entirely on the device (instead of relying on dedicated servers typically used for advanced ML tasks) to implementing expert knowledge from professional camera operators. Read more on the AI blog

Faster, more efficient neural network verification
A novel technique that verifies the safety of a neural network application faster than the current state of the art. This new method is an important step toward integrating deep learning into safety-critical applications. Read the Research in Brief

Teaching AI to intuitively learn physics concepts
Is it possible to combine computer vision capabilities (including recognizing and tracking moving objects) with an ability to develop physical reasoning skills? Our new IntPhys Challenge asks participants to build systems that learn by observing a data set of animated scenes. Read the Research in Brief

A Lyapunov-based approach for safe RL algorithms
A new method of reinforcement learning (RL) focuses on the safety of an agent during training and deployment. By discovering a good balance between performance and safety, this research is an important step in boosting the widespread application of RL algorithms. Read the Research in Brief

To stay up to date on our latest AI advancements, follow the new Facebook AI blog, a dedicated place where we’ll share insights on our latest AI research and ML applications.

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