International Quality Summit Award

Its great pleasure for us to receive International Quality Summit Award in the Gold Category

The decision to present this award is the result of research and analysis carried out through Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in quality, directed by Business Initiative Directions(BID), to recognize the contribution of in terms of Leadership, Quality, Innovation and Excellence.

The IQS Award, given to leaders by leaders, is sponsored by 26 Imarpress media publications (, all oriented towards organizations focused on Innovation, Quality and Excellence. Upon receiving the IQS award in New York, will join a select group of previous BID award recipients, strengthening its own prestige as a result.

World Confederation of Businesses Award, "THE BIZZ 2017"

World Confederation of Businesses has selected as winners of "THE BIZZ 2017" WORLDCOB's Board of Directors has made an official announcement regarding it. They told 'This shows that your has demonstrated a sufficient level of Business Excellence to obtain our special recognition'.

WORLDCOB is a Worldwide Chamber of Commerce that has been contributing to global business for the past 12 years, with more than 3000 members in over 120 countries from continents such as Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. It recognizes good business practice on a global scale through the business award THE BIZZ which is offered every year.

THE BIZZ 2017 is awarded by WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES - WORLDCOB in order to recognize outstanding businesses and businesspeople from more than 120 countries. We invite you to view this short video containing testimonies from THE BIZZ winners: as well as our latest Business Directory here:


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