Triangle elevated left
Draw staircase structure (Left side elevated triangle) problem-1

You need to draw a staircase structure i.e. triangle structue which is elevated to left side. It seems to be stand as right angle triangle.



Input is given integer N,consider it the height of staircase


Print staircase with symbol '*' and spaces.

What are different javascript web URL functions?

Javascript developer give lots of efforts to find different function regarding URL.

We have segregated all functions related to URL in single place for the ease of developers

embed post on website
How to embed facebook post on website?

Facebook embed post means, we can embed any public post on facebook to our website. There are lots of content on social media website like facebook, some content seems to be very useful and we want to plugin that content in our website. It become very easy by a facebook embed plugin.

facebook comment box
How to use facebook comment box in your website?
Facebook comment box can be used any where either in blog, tutorial or others. People can comment using their facebook profile. Comments can be seen in friend's news feed.
share content
How to share a page in facebook

Today people use social networking site not only to make friend but also to share their contents.


Facebook offer a share dialog to share a link or page URL. people can share links on their timeline, in groups, or to their friends.

You can use following code to share link or page URL

<a href="" target="_blank"> Share on Facebook </a>

developer register
How to create a developer account in facebook?

Facebook developer acccount is used to create facebook apps. User has to register to the developer account to create apps. Following link explain it briefly

facebook applications
What is facebook apps (applications)?
Facebook started its apps in May 2007. It gives platform to website to interact with social links. Facebook provides different social plugins such as Like Button, activity feeds, Login button etc. It is very easy to integrate it in any websites.

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