Dynamic key ajax
How to pass dynamic key in jquery ajax?

AJAX is termed as Asynchronous Javascript And XML. Generally, we use following methods in ajax, jquery

  • $.post
  • $.ajax

In this tutorial, we will learn to pass dynamic key in both ajax method

Checkbox validation
Checkbox validation in javascript and retrieve its value in PHP

Checkbox: It is an element in HTML which can be checked or unchecked. It is grouped on the basis of name.

In this tutorial we will learn about validation of checkbox in javascript and retrieve its value in PHP. Checkbox is classified in two types.

  • Multiple checkbox
  • Single checkbox

1. Multiple checkbox: You can select more than one checkbox, but atleast one checkbox must be selected. In PHP, you have to retrieve its value.

2. Single checkbox: Sometimes you have single checkbox and you have to validate it and retrieve its value in PHP. e.g. You have to agree to terms and condition

Regular Expression
Explain Regular expression concepts

It is also expressed as regex. Regular expression is the backbone of form validation. We can validate any form elements using it. Both client side and server side elements can be validated using it. It is used in various programming or scripting language like PHP, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, PERL, etc.

It starts with carat(^) and end with dollor($) sign. E.g.

  • /^[0-9]/ means starts with digit ie. 0 to 9, but end can be any thing.
  • /[0-9]$/ means starting can be any character but it should end with digits.
  • /^[0-9]$/ means starting with digit and end with digits.

Add or remove query string
How to add or remove query string in URL without page refresh

You can add/remove query string from URL without reloading page in javascript. Generally URL changes by page reloading. When URL changes page gets refresh and new content appears on page.

e.g. Go

Here when we click 'Go' it goes to new URL with query string.


HTML5 gave you facility to change URL using pushState function to change URL and append data using ajax.

e.g. history.pushState({state:1, rand: Math.random()}, '', "?page="+1);

history.pushState function is used to add history state. It takes three parameters: a state object, a title (which is currently ignored), and (optionally) a URL.

What are different javascript web URL functions?

Javascript developer give lots of efforts to find different function regarding URL.

We have segregated all functions related to URL in single place for the ease of developers


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