facebook messenger for non facebook users

facebook messenger
Facebook is launching new messenger app. It does not require facebook account. It can be used by any facebook or non facebook user.

User have to enter their name and phone number to start this messenger. It is firstly available on Google's Android in India, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela. For other smart phones, and other location its version will be launched shortly.

It has several facilities as given below:
  1. Text and video chat.
  2. You can include your location and share photos.
  3. Message will be posted on phone as well as web so that you do not miss any message.
  4. You can include your friends of friends in conversation.
  5. You can know who has seen your message and who has not.
  6. You can send message to any person even if they are not using mobile messenger app. They can see that message, when they log onto facebook.

Facebook has realized the limited uses of its messenger,so launching this messenger aap will increase its popularity in messenger market. Some expert says, it will effect sms marketing a lot.

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