Facebook messenger uses end to end encrytion technique

Messenger encryption

Messenger has increased its importance as people share their personal and professional information on it. Sometimes they share very important information as bank account password and other on messenger which can create problem if seen by any other. Facebook was using plain text for messenger, messages on facebook was not encrypted. So, it was easier for hacker to read messages.

Facebook bring revolution after starting end to end encryption. It is optional, user can use encrypted message on their owm choice. It has found that people want to see same message in multiple devices as mobile, tablet, desktop and other as per their need. Currently messanger use end to end encryption, so it can be seen on sender and recipient device only. Also, messages will gets expired after some time period. If they switch their mobile they are unable to get it. No person between these two can read it, not even facebook itself. Facebook is working on it to make it more user friendly.

Facebook use encrypted key which contains public and private encryption. All keys are generated or decrypted on device itself. Private keys are never sent to facebook also.

It starts creating contorversy as it is said that criminal use this method for their benfit and no agency can able to read their messages.


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