Facebook has introduced a new feature to search nearby friends

Facebook nearby friends
On April 17, 2014 Facebook announced to launch a new features to search nearby friends in android and IOS for US only. It is an optional features, if any one wants to see their friends nearby to him, they have to activate this features.

This feature helps you to know which friend is nearby to you. If you are going somewhere and want to check, whether any of my friend is around me then this features tell you that who is nearby to you so that you contact him.

This features show your friend only if you friend enable this features ie. both you and your friend have to enable this feature to use it.

Also, you can change in setting to check who can see you to their nearby friend list. If you donot want to show yourself to any particular friend to his nearby friend list, you can add this in setting.

If you want to share a premises to any particular friend and tell him that you can meet him after particular time, you can do it from it. Also you can see your friends coming to you by map.

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