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Facebook launched FB Newswire on April 24, 2014, a facebook page of hand-selected and journalist-verified news stories from across Facebook's platform, according to Andy Mitchell, director of news and global media partnerships at Facebook. It is mainly used by journalists who searches a lot on social media to aggregates all news published on social website mainly on facebook by individuals and organizations. Facebook manually searches all news published by every individuals or organizations and publish it in fbnewswire page

Newswire is mostly used by companies and PR agencies who want to spread news stories fast with social network. FB Newswire is launched with partership of Storyful. Storyful aggregates all news shared on social media by general pulic via their acccounts, including photos and videos, as well as status updates. Their journalists verify all published news themselves before pulishing it on FB Newswire, so end user get human verified news not a fake one. It follows certain categories like sports, entertainment, technology and politics.

FB Newswire include content in all languages across world. But news in other language has captions in english. FBNewswire can be followed on twitter account by @FBNewswire

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