Groundbreaking event for our newest long-haul fiber route

Earlier this year, we shared our plans to invest in new long-haul fiber to allow direct connectivity between our data centers in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. This week in Beckley, West Virginia, we participated in a celebratory groundbreaking event. This new fiber route crosses West Virginia as part of the ongoing network infrastructure build that will stretch from Virginia to Ohio and help us continue providing fast, efficient access to the people using our products and services.

Connecting our 11 U.S. data center locations via redundant, long-haul networks is an important component in maintaining reliable access for the people who use our family of apps to communicate with one another. We are building this new infrastructure to provide resilient and scalable paths to our data centers.

We will continue to partner and invest in core backbone network infrastructure. We take a pragmatic approach to investing in network infrastructure and utilize whatever method is most efficient for the task at hand, including investing in fiber routes that provide much-needed resiliency and scale. These new fiber builds between our data centers in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina are the next steps in our ongoing commitment to connect people. We will continue to expand our infrastructure to provide the more than 2.7 billion people using our family of apps with the best possible experience.

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