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Facebook designed 3D-360 video capture system

Facebook has designed and developed a 3D-360 video capture system. Some important points as below:

  • It has capacity to capture high resolution video
  • The system also known as Facebook surround 360
  • It is also well known for production-ready 3D-360, foe hardware and software video capturing
  • It will be available on GitHub this summer.
  • The design for camera hardware and software code will be available on Git repository for developers, which will help to promote the product

Aquila first successful test ride, a step towards internet connectivity

Aquila is first solar - powered unmanned aircraft, design and developed by facebook. The idea was come in the mind due to internet.org commitment. Intenet.org has promised to provide cost-effective internet to all community worldwide. Currently around 1.6 billion people don't have internet access which is 60% of the global population. As of now, remote areas are connected through the existing technologies like optical fibre, microwave links. Facebook has developed the Lab to build new technologies (aircraft, satellite and wireless communication system) to solve the connectivity problem. Now internet is affordable to hundreds of million people where it is harder to reach people.

Facebook collaboration with Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

Facebook has joined with TIP (Telecom Infra Project) to solve the coverage issue and achieve future connectivity requirement. TIP is focussing on vendor-specific component of network infrastructure. TIP member is working hard to create a new space on the earth. They wanted to deploy the new topology across the globe. They are contributing specs in terms of hardware and software. TIP is also working on 5G enabled networks worldwide by using new topology to solve the specific connectivity challenges.

Facebook opencellular for wireless platform

Recently Facebook has designed and tested wireless access platform. Access platform is open source platform having aim to provide cost-effective, improved connectivity features in the remote area across the globe. An open source wireless access platform will support wide range of communication option from 2G to LTE (High Speed Wireless communication media for mobile). Facebook has planned to work with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) member.

Facebook initiates internet networks in the stratosphere

Internet has a lots of impact on our daily life. Since morning to evening we connected through it by many ways like google, facebook, twitter, whatsapp and many other websites. Due to its high impact, we cannot think our life without it. But still around 60% people round the globle live without internet as they reside in interior area or island where internet connectivity is rare or due to its expensive cost.

Facebook takes an initiative to build fast internet connection at very low cost.UK aerospace team has designed an aircraft called Aquila.

Facebook @Scale technical conference for engineers

@Scale is a series of technical conference for engineers who work for scaling of data ie. large-scale storage systems and analytics. These events held throughout the year after some time interval. Engineers across the globle participate in this conference to make a strong scalable system, who works for million or billions of data. This community brings technical people together to openly discuss the challenges which they faced during development.

Facebook messenger uses end to end encrytion technique

Messenger has increased its importance as people share their personal and professional information on it. Sometimes they share very important information as bank account password and other on messenger which can create problem if seen by any other. Facebook was using plain text for messenger, messages on facebook was not encrypted. So, it was easier for hacker to read messages.

Facebook improves for blind people to see images
Facebook develops a technology automatic alternative text or automatic alt text which is based on artificial intelligence to help millions of blind people to see images through screen readers. Now blind people can enjoy and share their moments on facebook.
FB Newswire for journalists and news followers
Facebook launched FB Newswire on April 24, 2014. It is mainly used by journalists who searches a lot on social media to aggregates all news published on social website mainly on facebook by individuals and organizations. Facebook manually searches all news published by every individuals or organizations and publish it in fbnewswire page

FBNewswire can be followed on twitter account by @FBNewswire
Facebook has introduced a new feature to search nearby friends
Facebook new features to search nearby friends helps to find your friends near to you. It is currenly supported in android and IOS for US only. It is an optional features, user can on and off any time to this features

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